Premio Aura Estrada

The “Aura Estrada” Award will be given to a writer of 35 years or younger, who lives in Mexico or the United States, and writes narrative in Spanish. The prize will have a biannual periodicity. The winner will receive a stipend of an amount of approximately $ 10,000 USD, depending on the amount that is collected among the sponsors of the award. In addition, the awarded will be credited to three residences in the following colonies of writers: Ucross, in Wyoming; Ledig House, in New York, and Santa Maddalena in Tuscany, Italy. Each of these three residences will last up to two months.
Finally, the magazine Granta in Spanish will publish a collaboration of the winner. During the ceremony in which the winner of this award will be announced, the book My Days in Shanghai, by Aura Estrada, published by Editorial Almadía, will also be presented.

The award was established in memory of the Mexican writer, born in 1977 and deceased in 2007. Aura Estrada studied the degree in English letters at the UNAM. He graduated in 2000 and received a master’s degree in comparative literature in 2003. His master’s thesis Borges, English (on the influence of William Hazlitt, Charles Lamb and Robert Louis Stevenson on the Argentine author) was published by the publisher Scripta, as well as his next essay: Borges, prologue.

The young woman later studied at the University of Texas at Austin and at Brown University. In the fall of 2003 the Department of Spanish and Portuguese was enrolled in the doctoral program with a grant from the Fulbright Foundation. Aura dreamed of being a writer. In the fall of 2006, despite the heavy academic load of the doctoral program, she enrolled in Hunter College’s master’s degree in literary creation and began writing in English. While studying at Columbia he also published essays, reviews, and short stories in Mexican and Latin American magazines. Editorial Almadía gathered these texts in the volume that will be presented during the XXIX International Book Fair of Oaxaca 2009.

Susana Iglesias

First winner of the Aura Estrada Prize

The first winner of the Aura Estrada Prize was announced on November 13, 2009, at the opening of the 29th Oaxaca Book Fair. Her name is Susana Iglesias and she won for the fiction work Barracuda, which was praised by Margo Glantz for “the enormous strength and charisma of a risky writer whose passion is ignited as a pyromania.” Susana is a radiant and effusive woman, resident of the Center of the City of Mexico of all the life – in the neighborhood Emiliano Zapata in the Historical Center – whose charm and ingenuity quickly seduced us when she sang as Ella Fitzgerald in the press conference of the Prize , he shared with us his enthusiasm for Elvis and unknown rockabilly bands, as well as for old and fast cars, and eloquently described his writing as a memory-driven art he compares to following a hound. Susana studied literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, from which she recently graduated, and has worked as a bartender, dog stylist, activist in favor of street dogs … It would be best to read her own biographical statement, including more forward in this note.